After School
Theater Workshop

Made possible by the generosity of:
January 10 - February 28, 2022

The thought of auditioning for a show may seem terrifying to some people - especially children. 


What if you could attend classes that helped you learn how to act, sing with a chorus, pick up a fun dance routine and prepare for a reading from a script?   


Our immersive workshop series for children ages 6-18 will check all those boxes and get workshop participants ready for auditions for Jungle Book KIDS!  

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Steve and Kate Smith Trust 





4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
January 10-February 28

West Elementary Gym
*No class on holidays

Vocal Music

Learn a new song and how to sing it as a group.


Perform a simple dance number after learning all the steps as groups.  


Practice delivering dialogue lines as the character assigned to you.  

Building Your Character 

Develop a backstory and behaviors for your character.  

Audition Preparation

Learn to understand stage directions and terminology while practicing for auditions.


It's time to shine by putting all your new skills to the test in an audition for Jungle Book KIDS!


Q. Who can participate in this program?
A. All children ages 6-18 are invited to participate.  

Q.  Where will the workshop be held? 
A.  West Elementary 

Q.  Are the classes required to audition for the show?
A.  No, the classes are to help children learn, grow and have fun.  They are not required to audition. 

Q.  What is the cost for the workshop classes? 
A.  There is NO cost for classes.  All expenses are paid for through a grant from Smith Trust and Tennessee Arts Commission and all teachers are volunteers. 

Q.  How do I request a ride for my child to and from classes? 
A.  Every child must be registered to participate.  Indicate your need for a ride and the address where the child can be picked up from/dropped off to from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  

Q.  How do I sign up/register?
A.  All children must be registered to participate.   Registration forms can be completed online at or you can pick up a paper form from your child's school, Homeland Bank, First National Bank, Morrison Hardware, Kids of the Community, Hamilton Street Activity Center, Cope Street Activity Center, or Morrison Activity Center and return it to any of the above mentioned businesses or activity centers by January 6 to attend the January 10th class.  

Q.  What if I sign up later than January 6?  
A.  Children must be registered for classes by Thursday prior to the next Monday class, so your child can participate in any remaining classes in the following weeks after your registration is received.  



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