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Lord of the Flies Video Stream

Patrons/Friends/Volunteers/Warren Arts Family:

If you have already purchased your ticket for the Video Stream of Lord of the Flies please disregard this email!

If not we are excited to be able to stream our archival video of Lord of the Flies for one day only on August 1st. As you all know, Covid-19 has taken a very big toll on our activities this year, and subsuquently we are looking for every way possible to survive the economic situation. Although bills are lower due to less activity, the building expenses are still mounting.

We are thankful to be able to offer this video stream and hope that it can help make a dent in the financial shortfall that comes from being very limited in our activities. The young cast in this show does a phenomenal job acting and presenting a very moving and intense presentation of this classic story that is so relevant in our time. If you could take the time to purchase a ticket today and watch on August 1st, that would be so appreciated by everyone in the Warren Arts Family! If just half of our patrons and facebook followers would tune-in for this event, it would help us greatly to make it through this year and hopefully into a tomorrow that allows us to continue our vital mission!

Tickets are purchaseable on We will send the link out for viewing a few days before August 1st. Sincerely, we thank you for your past support and hope that you will support us now!

Chad McGee - Warren Arts Chair

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